Join Us In Making A Film: Hippies & The Jesus Revolution

This is the true story of the greatest spiritual movement in centuries and the renaissance it helped create: The Jesus Revolution.

From the tragic death of a beloved President, to the tragic war that divided a country... from sex, drugs and rock & roll to faith, love & saving souls... to man walking on The Moon... this is the Spiritual Awakening and Journey that brought the world closer to God than ever before. Our film encapsulates the era that brought the world to that destination and connects the dots to God's plan.

The world needs to hear this story, especially today! Please help us now so we can inspire a new generation of spiritual revolutionaries.

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About The Film...

man on the moon

"Truly, truly I tell you,
the one who believes in me
will also do the works that I do.
And he will do even greater works than these,
because I am going to the Father."

Jesus speaking in John 14:12

In September 1962, President John F. Kennedy famously declared "We choose to go to the Moon in this decade". At the time, most considered this to be an impossible promise to fulfill. It was far out of our comfort zone. But with the Cold War on the brink of erupting, the U.S. was already well into a Space Race with the communist Soviet Union, which had already sent the first man into space over a year earlier.

It was a war between two worlds: the dark world of godless, totalitarian Communism versus the bright world of freedom and God.

The pursuit of landing on the Moon lived on after JFK's tragic assassination in 1963, and in 1969 we succeeded in winning the Space Race by landing on the Moon — twice!

Nearly 2,000 years earlier, Jesus walked on water. And now, humans walked on the Moon!  Was this a fulfillment of Jesus' promise that BELIEVERS would "do even greater works"?

All 29 astronauts who visited the Moon during the Apollo program were Christians, with many serving as church leaders in their congregations. From the surface of the Moon for the very first time, Buzz Aldrin wrote " man probes into space we are in fact acting in Christ." And he would later say, "There are many of us in the NASA program who do trust that what we are doing is part of God's eternal plan for Man."

drop acid not bombs


Six years before we landed on the Moon, JFK's brutal and tragic assassination pushed the U.S. into a deep sadness. This would combine with an escalating conflict in Vietnam and a growing War Machine, destructive race riots and a deeply disillusioned society — all leading a restless and rebellious generation of truth-seekers on a quest for real answers and deeper meaning in life. They saw the very foundations of our society crack, and they needed to do something about it.

Those rebellious truth-seekers — the hippies — knew they had to think and do things differently. They had to transform their mindset. They had to "tune in, turn on & drop out." They had to look far IN so they could think far OUT. Like the astronauts, they too had to get out of their comfort zone.

time magazine

By 1971, the movement had gained mainstream recognition with a Time Magazine cover story.



Their quest for truth started with psychedelic drugs and good intentions, but that was just a stepping stone to what was coming: they discovered the greatest high of all — God. As the iconic 1971 Time Magazine cover story declared, they had found... "Psychedelic Jesus."

Through this journey the Jesus People Movement was born during the 1967 "Summer of Love", and a generation was Born Again. Out of it, countless people found faith in Jesus.

johnny cash

Johnny Cash performing at Explo '72 - the Christian "Woodstock" in Dallas, June 1972.

The movement attracted some of the biggest pop-culture icons of the time, including Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson, Peter Paul & Mary, and Bob Dylan. It also gained the acceptance of more traditional evangelical leaders like Billy Graham.

Not only do major evangelical groups like Calvary Chapel and the Vineyard trace their roots to the movement, but the movement paved the way for the huge Contemporary Christian Music industry.

Most importantly, it forever changed the relationship between Christianity and popular culture.

In every way through the 1960s and well into the 1970s, we were experiencing a true Renaissance whose effects are still felt strongly to this day — whether in science and technology, or in music and the arts, or in society. Behind it all — interlinked and spelled-out for us — was one central motivating force... The Jesus Revolution.

beach baptisms

Thousands of new believers were baptized on the beaches of Southern California.

We're making Hippies & The Jesus Revolution as a sort of "Da Vinci Code" (in a truthful way, and only in style, not in story) that connects the dots between the earth-shaking movements of this era in a way that hasn't been done before.

The film will combine the elements of a historical documentary with the full cinematic, artistic experience of a feature film. In addition, the film will be supported by a moving original soundtrack with entertaining music of the era. Woven between the documentary and feature film elements will be interviews with key people from the era, including music artists, hippies, church leaders, believers and even astronauts.

Whether you're a devout Christian, or a non-Christian, or a person who is simply interested in seeing a great film about an exciting time in history, our goal is to entertain and inspire you.

We do not have an "agenda" — only to make a great film about an exciting, tumultuous and fascinating time in history. We want to make a visual and auditory feast, taking you on this Earth-Moon journey... to shine a light on the incredible and important spiritual movement that helped lift up the lives of a generation and change the world for the better... and show the link between all of this and the power of God and His Promise that got Man to the Moon.

And if possible, we want to inspire a new generation of spiritual revolutionaries, or at least inspire you to think BIG and do BIG things, the way we did in that era.

The next Jesus Revolution is waiting for you. All you need to do is BELIEVE — and GET INVOLVED!

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Who We Are...

jesus people

We're a passionate team of four Producers who have been in the film, TV and music industries for over 25 years. We've worked with HBO, Showtime, Sony Columbia, Fox, NBC, CBS, MTV, VH-1, Univision, EMI/Capitol Records and Universal Music Group.

Producer Janice McCartney was actually deeply involved with the Jesus People Movement from it's early days in 1969! Both Janice and Chris McCartney (her husband and a Producer of the film) have for many years attended one of the churches that came directly out of the movement. Their connection and experience with the movement and their 20 years in the film industry has inspired them to make this movie, and their Faith is what drives them to make it now!

Producer Nathaniel Devereux was raised by hippie parents and a group of extended family called "The Thursday Club" (an artistic commune of sorts), giving him a unique perspective on the era as well as inspiring him to pursue a career as a singer, songwriter and producer. And Producer Chris Martin served as a church musician and performed in a Christian band during his high school years. For 25 years, they have worked together on several entertainment projects and business ventures under the umbrella of their own entertainment company. As music partners, Nathaniel and Chris have released music as artists, producers and record label heads with EMI/Capitol Records and Universal Music Group — both secular and faith-based music. Their deep Faith and their belief in the bigger picture of this movement and their experience in the entertainment industry has inspired them to make this movie.

Our Christian faith — of core importance to us all — has led us to one another to share this story with the world. The time is right for our film Hippies & The Jesus Revolution. Let the new Revolution begin right now!

This is a movie for the world, so we want anyone and everyone to join us in making this film a reality. Thank you and God Bless!

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